Womens Hiking Clothes : What you Need to Buy

Womens hiking clothes are available online and in local stores all over the UK. In fact, there is so much to choose from that you will often be left with the question of what you actually need for your first hikes. When you are taking up hiking, you will not need to kit out with safety ropes and harnesses and survival gear. Your first hikes will be low key, and the most important thing to remember is that your gear needs to be comfortable and practical. But don’t worry. Nowadays you can purchase hiking gear that looks great and even fashionable too!

Womens Hiking Clothes: Footwear

What you wear on your feet is probably the most important purchase for your new hobby. Boots needs to be comfortable, waterproof, and they need soles that will grip on even the most slippery of terrains. Hiking boots have improved immensely over the last decades, and they are no longer heavy and clunky. You can invest in boots that are lightweight and feel like normal shoes, boots that cover your ankles being highly recommended if you will be going on anything but flat walks. Supporting your ankles can help you avoid accidents, and a non-slip sole can also stop you from slipping and tripping on terrain that is wet or even icy.


Your outerwear is also extremely important when shopping for your first hike. A jacket that is waterproof is essential, even when hiking in summer. You can invest in a 3 in 1 jacket that is suitable for all seasons or a lightweight jacket if you will be setting off in the summer months. Waterproof clothing is essential, trousers made from waterproof and windproof material being another essential purchase. If you are setting of in the sun, then simply pack your waterproofs in your rucksack for if it rains.

womens hiking clothes

But always remember, you can take off layers if you get too warm but you cannot add layers if you fail to take them with you. The rest of your clothing can be bought from specialists, or you may have suitable clothes at home. Clothes should not restrict movement, and they should be breathable, so the tracksuit bottoms you wear for the gym or exercise and a non-restricting t-shirt and sweatshirt should be just fine. If you are on a limited budget, you can always find suitable clothes in your wardrobe, and you won’t need to overspend on items that you can’t afford.


Womens hiking clothes are available at affordable prices when you visit your online stockists. Here you will also find the accessories you need for your trip, all categorised so they are easy to find. A rucksack that is comfortable and waterproof is essential, as is a simple first aid kit, a water carrier, a compass, and a lightweight and insulating blanket that can be used in case of emergency. By browsing through the categories for accessories, you can see just what is on offer as well as getting a good idea on what you will need for your first trips, and what you can buy at a later date once you become a professional hiker.

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