Where to Buy Hiking Equipment for this Coming Winter

Hiking is not just something you can enjoy in the summer months. If you kit yourself out correctly with the right clothes and accessories, hiking in winter can be a spectacular experience. With snow blankets covering the mountains in Scotland and the Lakes, winter hiking is a breathtaking experience. So, where to buy hiking equipment for winter? Read on to find out.

Where to Buy Hiking Equipment : What Will I Need?

Before you start shopping for your next winter hiking expedition, it is important to know what you will need. If you are unsure, then there are plenty of places online that will provide you with a checklist. But, really, common sense prevails. There is actually not that much difference between your summer and winter checklists, but you will need more layers of clothing to keep warm in the winter. Once the sun goes down, it can become bitterly cold, and you will need a hat, gloves, and insulating clothing.

When packing your rucksack for winter hiking, there are some things that you may think you can leave out such as sunscreen and insect repellant. This is a grave mistake to make. If you watch people skiing, they will always wear sun protection on their faces. This is because at altitude the sun rays are more powerful, and coupled with the fact the sun reflects off the snow, you can burn easily. The only difference is that you won’t feel yourself burning as your face will be cold!

Layering clothing to keep warm is very important in winter. Remember that you can take layers off if you get too hot, but you can’t put extra layers on if you haven’t packed any. So, ensure you have plenty of breathable and comfortable layers of clothes. Your jacket needs to be good quality, and it should be both wind and waterproof. It is well worth spending more on a really good quality jacket. A good jacket such as a three in one can actually be used for all seasons, and will last you years if you look after it correctly and follow the washing instructions carefully.

where to buy hiking equipment


Where to Buy Hiking Equipment : Online versus In Store

If you live near the mountains, then you may be lucky enough to have an outdoors store nearby. If you live in a city however, the best you will probably find will be a section in a sports store. Here you won’t find the best quality and you won’t find a good variety either.

Shopping online makes sense for your hiking equipment. Once you have compiled your hiking equipment checklist, you can buy everything from the comfort of your own home and from one store. This will save you time, money, petrol, and a lot of stress.

Where to Buy Hiking Equipment : Winter Hiking Advice

As mentioned above, hiking and indeed camping in winter can be a wonderful experience. But, if you have never been hiking in winter before, you need to be prepared. Remember that once the sun goes down the temperature will plummet quickly. With fewer hours of sunlight, it is important to plan your route carefully. In winter you will not find as many people out in the mountains as in summer, so be sure you are carrying safety equipment and a means to stay warm and dry in case of an emergency.

Carry your mobile phone and an external charger. But also be sure you know how to make distress smoke signals if you get lost. You can go for miles without crossing paths with anyone when you go winter hiking. So, ensure you go with people with similar abilities to you and that everyone has enough food and water. Also ensure you carry reflective blankets, something to start a fire with, and something to make a shelter with if need be.

Where to Buy Hiking Equipment for winter: Conclusion

The best quality and the best prices for your winter hiking equipment will be found online. With a wide range to choose from, you can kit-out the entire family from the comfort of your home. But remember, when it comes to hiking in the UK in winter to prepare for bad weather. Reflective clothing is essential for foggy weather, and waterproof and windproof clothing and boots a must. Wrap up warm, take high energy foods with you, and experience a different type of hiking where you will wander practically alone, in a winter wonderland of peace and tranquility and stunning scenery.

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