Hiking Equipment List : What to Wear for a Day Hike

If you are a novice at hiking, then read on to find out what you should be wearing. Even for day hiking you will need to take some kit with you. But, most importantly you should be comfortable. Otherwise you will be miserable when you start to get blisters after on a few hours. Below is a hiking equipment list that will ensure you are wearing the most appropriate clothes and that you are not missing any essential pieces of kit.

Day Hiking Equipment List : What to Wear

If you are new to hiking, then you may not know what to wear. Although common sense should prevail, there are some points that you should note. Firstly, your feet need to be comfortable, warm, and dry. Depending on the terrain you will be walking over, you may like to choose boots or hiking shoes. If you don’t like the sound of heavy boots, then choose hiking shoes with a substantial sole.

Breaking in your shoes is a really good idea. Although you may look stupid walking around the house with hiking shoes on, you need to know if your shoes will rub and if so, where. Like any new shoes, you need to wear your shoes in, and this means wearing them a few times for long enough to decide whether they are comfortable or not.

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Hiking is not a fashion parade, and the best accompaniment for your hiking boots is hiking socks. If you can’t stand the thought of wearing scratchy socks, then layer them up with a normal pair underneath. When trying on boots, always wear two pairs of socks; if buying online bear in mind that a good quality boot will be manufactured to be worn with thick socks, so don’t make the mistake of buying one size too big.

Your trousers are your next essential piece of kit. They don’t necessarily have to be hiking pants if you don’t have any, but they should be comfortable and non-restricting. This means an elastic waistband, and no awkward buttons. They should stretch with you as you climb. There is nothing worse than feeling confined in trousers when hiking.

Hiking Equipment List : Protection from the Sun

No matter if the skies are grey when you set off, always take a sun hat and sunscreen. If you are wearing short sleeves, apply sunscreen to your arms. If it looks like rain, then ensure you wear a lightweight rain jackets. This should be taken with you in your day sack, no matter how bright the sun is when you set off.

Other essential for your day sack are a camera, your phone, a notepad, a traditional map and compass, and a simple first aid kit. Sunglasses are a must, and if you will be climbing up rocks, choose a style that comes with a band that will wrap behind your head. Carry a fleece jacket with you, even in summer. Once the sun goes down, it can get chilly, especially if there is a breeze.

For a day hike, make sure you take a packed lunch and plenty of water as well as something you can collect water in if necessary. Carrying energy snacks such as mint cake and chocolate is always a good idea. If you don’t want to risk melted chocolate, then dried fruits are a great substitute that is high in calories.

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