Good Outdoor Boots: Why they are Essential

Good outdoor boots should be an essential part of your kit, whether you are a serious hiker or if you are simply going trekking with the family on a Sunday afternoon. Outdoor clothing and boots are widely available both online and in stores in the UK, and with a wide range to choose from at affordable prices there is no reason to set foot outdoors without great boots on your feet.

 Good Outdoor Boots: Comfort

Good quality outdoor boots will provide you with the comfort that you need to really enjoy your hiking or trekking. The last thing that you want when you are out walking are boots that rub, that are ill-fitting, and that will leave you with aching feet and blisters. Blisters are painful and they can ruin your whole experience. The worst thing that can happen here is that you actually have to abandon your trip because the discomfort to your feet is too much.


Secondly, great quality boots that you buy from your online outdoor specialist will provide you with not just comfort but a boot that you can rely on in all weathers. The UK is notorious for bad weather, and a sunny morning can often turn into a downpour in the afternoon. Treading through water in waterproof boots will leave your feet warm and dry, unlike when you wear a cheap alternative that will leave you with soggy socks.


Mountaineering does not come without its dangers, and slips and falls are commonplace. One reason many people slip when climbing is because they are not kitted out with good outdoor boots. The sole of your boots needs to be slip-resistant, and they need to be tough enough so that spines cannot protrude through them. In the summer months you may choose a lighter weight shoe for climbing, but the sole always needs to have a good grip on it. Soles should be water-resistant and they should have grip on them. A bad quality boot will mean that it is very difficult to walk over tough terrain, and slippery rocks can cause accidents that can be so easily avoided when you wear the correct footwear.

As well as having a good sole on your footwear, boots for climbing should also cover your ankles. Although you can purchase outdoor footwear that does not cover the ankle, boots are highly recommended when you will be rock climbing. Once again, a slip on a loose rock is commonplace, and when your ankles are not protected you can easily twist your ankle. A good fitting boot will support your foot and ankle, and provide you with the protection you need when climbing all types of terrains.

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Good Outdoor Boots: When to Replace

When you love climbing, you will have one pair of boots that are your favourite. In fact, you may only own one pair of hiking boots. A good quality boot will last you for many years, but they will need to be replaced from time to time. Each time you go hiking, check your boots before you set off. Especially if your boots have been stored away for a while, it is essential to check that they are still up to the job.

Check the soles of your boots for any cracks. Cracked soles will not put you in any immediate danger, but they will stop your boots from being waterproof. A small crack may not seem important, but the crack may get larger as you walk, and this in turn can become very dangerous.

Also, check that your outdoor boots are still supple and soft. Hard walking boots are a thing of the past, and heavy boots that feel like army boots are no longer worn by the serious hiker. Your boots should provide you with support, but they should also flex and bend with your feet. If your boots got wet on a hiking trip, you may find that they have dried hard. This is common when they are leather, and you should try to work your boots to make them soft again, but of course, before you set off on a hike. Try wearing them in the house or garden to see if they become supple again.

Lastly, check that the insoles of your boots are in good condition. If they are well worn, you can choose to buy some insoles for them, or alternatively you can choose to replace your boots. A good quality pair of boots will last you for many years to come, and like all you hiking and outdoor equipment, it always pays to invest a little more and avoid cheap imitation brands.

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