Equipment for Hiking : Daytime Hiking Essentials

The equipment for hiking you need for your next trek will depend on many things. It will depend on the time of year, whether you will be hiking in the day or night, and how long you will be away. There is however 10 essentials that never change, no matter how near or far you will wander. These ten essentials are required for your basic comfort, your safety, and your survival. A one day hike will require you to take almost as much equipment for hiking as a week-long trip. So, what do you need to take?

Navigation Equipment for Hiking

Although nowadays everyone has a mobile phone, not everywhere has mobile phone coverage. Mobile phones also break, and their batteries run flat. So, it’s time to get back to basics and take a map and compass. If you don’t know how to read a normal map or use a compass, then the time to learn is now. Map reading used to be taught in schools, and it’s fun. An important note; take a protective cover for your map. Maps, like most mobile phones aren’t waterproof!

Sun Protection

Whatever time of year you are going hiking, you will need sunscreen, sunglasses, and a lip balm to protect your mouth. Even when the sky is grey and the sun is nowhere to be seen, it is still there and it can still harm you if you don’t take care.

equipment for hiking

Insulation Equipment for Hiking

Just like you need to protect yourself from too much sun, you need to wrap up for when it’s cold. Clothes need to be breathable and waterproof, and quick drying. Always take a set of spare clothes, even on day hikes.


A day hike can turn in to a night hike when you expect it least. Accidents happen and people do get lost. You must always carry a headlamp or flashlight, and batteries. A headlamp is very handy for if you need to go into any tunnels or caves.

First Aid Equipment for Hiking

A basic first aid kit is essential for all hikes. You can find many first aid checklists online, or you can buy an all-in-one kit that will have everything you need from a reputable supplier.

Fire Starting Gear

Even if you do not plan to stay overnight, you will need equipment to start a fire. If you get lost or stranded or someone is taken ill, you will need to stay warm when the temperature drops. Take a lighter, or matches with you and fire-starting material. Keep all this together in a waterproof bag.

Repair Kit

What you take in your repair kit will depend on if you are going hiking, rock climbing, or camping. A multi-use knife is a must, and repair supplies can include a patch for a tent and a ball of heavy duty string.

Equipment for Hiking : Food

If you will not be passing any sources of food, you need to take food for the day, and an extra day’s supply. Extra food supplies need to be food that won’t go off such as energy bars or Kendal mint cake.


The best drink to take with you is water. Take water and a way to purify stream water. Take at least 2 water bottles per person.

Emergency Hiking Equipment

Emergency equipment needs to be carried with you, regardless of how long you think you will be gone. A tent, a thermal blanket, a tarp, or a reflective blanket can all keep you warm and protected from the elements overnight. Along with your repair and tool kit, you can even make your own shelter in the wild where necessary.

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