Day Hiking Equipment : How to go Prepared

Your day hiking equipment list won’t be as long as if you plan an overnight stay, but you still need to go prepared. When setting out on foot you always need to be prepared for the worst. This means packing everything you may need if you have to sleep under the stars. Accidents can happen, the weather can change for the worst, and sometimes it can be less dangerous to camp under the stars than try to make your way back through dense fog or heavy rain.

Day Hiking Equipment : Clothing

The clothing you wear for your day hiking will depend on the time of year. If you are hiking in summer then you won’t wear long trousers or a fleece, but you will still need to pack them. 3 in 1 trousers are an excellent investment. These have zip on legs that you can take off and put on as the temperature changes. Remember that after sunset the temperature will drop, more so at altitude. So, always pack a fleece and a waterproof jacket even if you only plan a short day hike in the summer sun.

day hiking equipment

The most important part of kit for your day hike has to be your footwear. Once again, the shoes you choose will depend on the time of year and the terrain you expect. But, always invest in waterproof footwear that is designed specifically for hiking. If you plan to wear a brand new pair of boots, always try and wear them in around the house or for going for short walks first. If your shoes rub and you develop blisters, it can mean your hike turns into a miserable experience. Wearing two pairs of socks is preferable. This does not mean you need to order a pair of boots that are a size too big. All the best brands like those you find here online are sized accordingly.

Day Hiking Equipment : Safety First

When packing your day hiking equipment, a light backpack should be sufficient. But, don’t forget all your safety essentials. You will need a first aid kit, something to start a fire and shelter with, and a reflective blanket for if you get trapped whilst at altitude. All your safety essentials can be found online and purchased together with all your hiking equipment.

Day hiking should be fun. So, don’t weigh yourself down with a rucksack full of clothes for a week. But, always ensure that you pack a change of clothes as well as layers you can put on or take off. Make sure you also take a water carrier and some high energy foods with you as well as your packed lunch. Kendal mint cake has been a staple for hikers for decades. Like dried fruits, it provides you with energy when you need it most. Avoid taking chocolate in hot weather, and make sure your sandwiches are filled with something that won’t go off if hiking in the summer.

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