Outdoor Firepit Cooking : Advantages of Cooking Outdoors

Outdoor firepit cooking is a great idea for camping or for in your own backyard. A fire pit is a way to cook food that is healthy, and a way to save on washing up. Below is a look at some of the advantages of cooking outdoors and why building a firepit should be on your to-do list for next spring.

Outdoor Firepit Cooking : Save on Energy Bills

If you want to save on energy bills when cooking, then an outdoor fire pit is an excellent option. Forget worrying about how much gas or electric you are using and stoke up your fire with coal or wood. Buying coal does cost money however, so for a really frugal way to save money, go hunting for fallen logs with the family. Turn it into a competition to see who can find the most logs or the biggest log.

Remember however that you cannot remove logs from private land, or you will need permission. If you are camping and looking for wood for your fire, consult the campsite owner to see where the best places are to get logs from.

outdoor firepit cooking

Outdoor Firepit Cooking : Versatility

If you love smoked food, then outdoor cooking is an excellent choice. With the choice of coal or logs as your fuel, you can create culinary masterpieces in your own backyard. Forget paying extra for wood-smoked food from a delicatessen. Smoke food yourself, and become the talk of your neighbours and friends.


Nowadays far too many people don’t even know their own neighbours. Living indoors all the time is not good for your health and it’s not good for social skills. What better way to get to know the neighbours than to invite them round for dinner. It doesn’t have to cost you lots of money either. Ask each of your neighbours to bring something to cook on the fire pit with them. Even have a competition to see who the best chef is.

Save Time on Washing Up

No one likes to scrub an oven tray or try and clean the inside of an oven. Although you may have a dishwasher for your pots and pans, there is no easier way to cut back on washing up than using an outdoor fire pit. One rack or rotisserie for your food is all you need, and perhaps some skewers for kebabs. If you are feeling really lazy, and have invited friends over, buy some disposable plates. That way you can enjoy cooking and eating outdoors and not have to worry about glasses or plates getting broken by kids. At the end of the day, hose down your griddle or rotisserie, and you are good to go for your next outdoor feast or extravaganza.

Making an Outdoor Fire Pit

If you really fancy learning how to master outdoor firepit cooking, then you will need to build a fire pit. The type of pit you build will depend on whether you want a permanent pit or if you are camping for the weekend.

If you want to build a pit in your garden, then there are many different ways you can go about it. The outer edge of your pit can be made from concrete or from stones. Take your time to decide not just what stones you will use, but where you want your fire pit and how big you want it to be. Cooking over a fire pit is versatile, and you will use your pit even more often if you build it in the right place.

If you are camping, then a fire pit is really little more than a campfire. What you need are some large stones. With these you will form a circle that will become the outside of your pit. This will stop your fire from spreading. In the pit you need to throw some gravel before adding your wood or coal.

Firepit cooking is an excellent way to eat healthily when camping. All you need to buy is a metal grill that will sit over your makeshift fire pit and you can cook and fry simultaneously. You can even put saucepans on top of the grill to warm up sauces or tins of food.

When out camping, please be careful to abide by the rules of the campsite you are staying at. Not all campsites will allow you to build fires with open flames, and creating a bonfire out in the wild is generally prohibited.

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