Dutch Oven Outdoor Cooking : One Pot Recipes

If you are looking for a simple way to cook outdoors, Dutch oven outdoor cooking wins hands down. With so many one pot recipes to choose from, you will be spoiled for choice. Below is a look at what you can make in a Dutch oven, and why it should be your cooking method of choice for camping trips and outdoor cooking at home.

Dutch Oven Outdoor Cooking

A Dutch oven is rather like a cauldron from a kid’s fairy tale. You can put whatever you want in it, and there remains a small air of mystery. In the olden days, people would hand a pot over a fire, adding to it as the day went on. At lunch there would be meat, and in the evening there would be left over broth. A Dutch oven is certainly something you can use when camping that you don’t have to clean after each meal. From soups to casseroles and stews, it provides a one-pot solution for hot meals.

Dutch Oven Outdoor Cooking : What to Cook

If you are taking your oven on a camping trip, then you can use it for all meals that you cook. A breakfast could start with some sausages heated up with beans, and lunch could be a stew with fresh meat and vegetables. Not all meals have to take hours to simmer in the oven however. You can use your cooking pot to make simple meals, and believe it or not you can even cook bread in a Dutch oven.

dutch oven outdoor cooking

When camping or cooking outdoors, keeping things simple is the key to your success. Having just one pot means lots less washing up and if you are at home it means far less trips to the kitchen. If you don’t want the hassle of having to cut up and prepare vegetables if you are camping, then use your oven to cook pasta, sauces, or anything that takes your fancy.

Think of your Dutch oven as an old fashioned cooking pot and you won’t go far wrong. Depending on where you position your cooking pot over your flame, you can have an intense heat or a smaller flame for simmering. When you choose to slow cook with your oven, you will save a lot of money on electric bills!

Outdoor cooking is designed to be fun. It is not designed to be a master chef class. So, keep things simple, and ensure you have fun. If you have made a stew or casserole for lunch and don’t fancy cleaning out your oven, add water and leave on a low simmer to create a broth. Our ancestors cooked with one pot over a flame for centuries before cookers were invented, and they were in general far healthier than we are today. So, take a lesson from history and try some Dutch oven outdoor cooking for your next camping trip, or for the next sunny weekend that you decide to cook outdoors.

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