Campfire Cooking Tools : 8 Essential Items you Need

No camping trip is really ever complete without making dinner round a campfire. But, what should be an enjoyable experience for everyone concerned can turn into a nightmare if you don’t have the right campfire cooking tools. You don’t need many. You don’t need to spend lots of money either. Read on to learn 8 of the most essential items you will need if you don’t want to burn your hands, or your dinner!

Campfire Cooking Tools

A staple for campfire cooking is a Billy Can. Named so from Australian, a Billy Can is a stainless steel or enameled cooking pot with a spout on one side and an open top. Having a can that has a spout is important as you can make not just stews and soups but also boil water for teas and coffees.

Campfire Cooking Tools : A Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is another name for a camp oven. There are versatile, and as long as you have one, you can cook virtually anything you want. If you are a beginner, choose a modest size, say a 10 inch. With this diameter of oven you can make stews, roasts, bread, and even desserts. Cast iron is a great material for your camp oven, as it is easier to control the heat of the fire with one.

campfire cooking tools

Frying Pan

Not totally essential as you can cook anything in your Dutch oven, a frying pan is handy at breakfast time. There’s nothing better than a full English breakfast when camping to start the day and a cast iron frying pan is perfect.


As you cannot use pots and pans with plastic handles on a camp fire, you will need gloves. They will save your hands from the intense heat of the campfire, and enable you to pick up pots and pans. Known as welding gloves in the camping trade, you can even pick up a burning log with them!

Campfire Cooking Tools : Jaffle Irons

Jaffle irons, which are essential two iron plates that clasp together, are great for making toast and toasted sandwiches.  Anything that you can put between two slices of bread will taste great when toasted with irons.


If you are not going to set up a cowboy cooking style fire, then a folding hotplate is the next best thing. These can be put over burning coals or wood, and are a great way to cook meat quickly and easily. You will need to be careful with burning fat when using hotplates for the first time, as the fat rolls off the plate and into the fire.

Toasting Forks

A toasting fork is an essential bit of camping equipment. Not only great for toasting marshmallows around the campfire, you can cook almost anything with one. Sausages, meat, and more, a toasting fork can adapt to be used like a skewer too.

The best camping equipment for cooking is hard-wearing and solid. Forget fancy handles and shiny pots. Use cast iron or steel, your campfire cooking tools lasting you for many years.

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