Outdoor Waterproof Clothing : Washing a Waterproof Jacket

Outdoor waterproof clothing is designed to be resilient and to stand the test of time. A good quality waterproof jacket will last you many seasons. So, what happen when your jacket get dirty? Can you wash a waterproof jacket without harming it or it losing its waterproof coating? Read on to find out the answer.

Outdoor waterproof clothing is designed to be washable. If not, you would not be able to go out in the rain in it! But, when it comes to stains on your jacket, like mud or grass, you will need a solution to get your item clean without ruining it. Washing waterproof items of clothing is actually quite simple. Just follow the steps below to ensure your waterproofs stay clean and most importantly do not lose their resistant to water.

Outdoor Waterproof Clothing : Step by Step Guide to Washing

Before you start, make sure that your washing machine is not clogged up with any detergent or grime. To be on the safe side, do a quick was with just water. Once this is complete, you can add your jacket with some non-biological washing powder or liquid. Wash your jacket by itself, and on a low setting such as 30 degrees. Ensure that the garment is spun on a gentle cycle. Then remove the jacket or other garment and dry. Drying naturally is preferred, but you can also dry in a tumbler dryer on a setting that is not too hot.

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Testing for Waterproofness

Once your jacket is dry, you can test it to see if it has lost its waterproofness. This test is quite easy. If water droplets soak into the material instead of bubbling on the surface, then your jacket is no longer waterproof. If this is the case, don’t panic. There are a few different ways that you can remedy this.

Waterproofing Outdoor Waterproof Clothing

There are various different products that you can buy that will waterproof garments like outdoor jackets. Some are available as a spray that you can use once your jacket is dry. Others are added to a wash on a low heat cycle. If your jacket is no longer waterproof, run a 30 degree cycle in your washing machine, substituting detergent for a product such as ‘Nikwax’. Around 150ml will be enough to ensure your garment is fully waterproofed. Once again, it is preferable to dry your item naturally, but you can use a tumbler dryer if necessary.

A good waterproof jacket will last you for years. Correct care for your waterproof garments will ensure that you don’t have to replace your jacket or trousers each season or year. Select quality products from brand names that you can buy online today. Follow the instructions on washing carefully, and ensure that you only wash when really necessary and that you wash your items separately. This way, your waterproof gear will stay watertight for longer and you will be able to enjoy trekking and hiking no matter what the weather’s doing outside.

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