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Top Ten Surf Spots Around the Globe

Surfing is a surface water sport which the wave rider or surfer rides a wave either on a board or body surfing that inevitably carries them to the shore. Below is a look at the top ten surf spots around the globe. Some for beginners, and some for more confident and advanced individuals. SUPERBANK, GOLD […]

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Best Surfing Spots Europe: Top Locations For Beginners

If you’re looking for the best surfing spots Europe has a lot to offer, particularly if you are just starting out with surfing. Europe contains many beaches which are far more beginner-friendly than the famous hotspots in Hawaii or Bali. Though tropical beaches do often boast the largest swells, Europe has something else: Tranquillity and […]

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Surfing Weekends UK: Perfect Family Fun

Surfing weekends UK are becoming more and more popular, with many people in the UK choosing to holiday at home as opposed to abroad. When you are on a busy schedule and you find it difficult to take holidays at the same time as your partner or spouse, a UK weekend away can be the […]

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Best Places to Surf in UK in Autumn

The best places to surf in UK are located up and down the country, and are not just confined to the beaches in the South where the weather is milder and you will find many a dozen novices trying to catch some waves. However, when you want to go surfing in the UK there is […]

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