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disaster survival skills

Disaster Survival Skills: What You Need To Know

You never know when or where you will need disaster survival skills: You might be miles from home on an outdoor adventure when something goes wrong and you find yourself lost or trapped; you might be resting comfortably at home when a natural disaster strikes and you are suddenly without access to basic amenities. One […]

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walking routes north wales

Walking Routes North Wales : 4 Easy Walks For The Whole Family

If you’re planning on exploring walking routes ┬áNorth Wales with your family, it’s a good idea to choose your paths carefully: As beautiful as North Wales is, it’s a rugged area with many challenging trails unsuitable for children or the elderly. Fortunately, the following four walking routes ┬áNorth Wales provide walkers with all the scenic […]

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top hikes in Europe

Top Hikes in Europe : The 7 Best Hiking Locations

If you’re looking for the top hikes in Europe, you’re in luck: Europe is considered to be the ideal continent for hikers thanks to its mix of stunning scenery and modern amenities. Europe also contains a mind-boggling diversity of biomes; from the arctic fjords of Scandinavia to the vast temperate forests of Germany and the […]

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womens hiking clothes

Womens Hiking Clothes : What you Need to Buy

Womens hiking clothes are available online and in local stores all over the UK. In fact, there is so much to choose from that you will often be left with the question of what you actually need for your first hikes. When you are taking up hiking, you will not need to kit out with […]

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good outdoor boots

Good Outdoor Boots: Why they are Essential

Good outdoor boots should be an essential part of your kit, whether you are a serious hiker or if you are simply going trekking with the family on a Sunday afternoon. Outdoor clothing and boots are widely available both online and in stores in the UK, and with a wide range to choose from at […]

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