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backpacking supplies

Backpacking Supplies for Hikes in the Summertime

If you are planning a hike around our breathtaking countryside this summer it is important that you pack smart and remember the must-haves for safety, comfort and basic survival. Imagine that you cut yourself and have no bandages amongst your backpacking supplies, or your socks and shoes get wet, you have no spares and end […]

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disaster survival skills

Disaster Survival Skills: What You Need To Know

You never know when or where you will need disaster survival skills: You might be miles from home on an outdoor adventure when something goes wrong and you find yourself lost or trapped; you might be resting comfortably at home when a natural disaster strikes and you are suddenly without access to basic amenities. One […]

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walking routes north wales

Walking Routes North Wales : 4 Easy Walks For The Whole Family

If you’re planning on exploring walking routes ┬áNorth Wales with your family, it’s a good idea to choose your paths carefully: As beautiful as North Wales is, it’s a rugged area with many challenging trails unsuitable for children or the elderly. Fortunately, the following four walking routes ┬áNorth Wales provide walkers with all the scenic […]

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