Outdoor Gas Stove : Tips for Outdoor Cooking

An outdoor gas stove is an essential item for your camping trip if you want to eat hot food. There is little point going camping to a site that has a restaurant that will serve you food. When you go camping, an all-round outdoor experience is what you should be looking for and this involves camping on a gas stove. Outdoor gas stoves have developed a lot over time, but the majority still has just one flame to cook over. So, what can you cook with one gas ring? Read on to find out

Outdoor Gas Stove : Tinned Foods

Camping is not the best time to test your culinary skills. If you have an open fire or an outdoor gas stove to cook with you will be somewhat limited. Camping trips are not times to be worried about calories or artificial ingredients. They are a time for heating up simple meals like those you can find in tins. There are a lot of tinned meals you can choose from such as beans and sausages, stews, and macaroni cheese. If you are not a fan of tinned food, then take a selection. For sure you will like one of them!

Nothing is easier than heating up a tin of food with an outdoor gas stove. Simply open the tin and heat in a saucepan, stirring. It’s just like you would do at home if you don’t like or don’t have a microwave. The vast majority of tins come with an easy open ring pull nowadays. But, to be on the safe side, pack a tin opener in case the ring pull snaps off!

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Frying Food

There is nothing better than a fried breakfast when you are camping. It will give the energy you need to start your day. But remember, a simple outdoor gas stove has just one flame. So, cooking sausages, eggs, bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes and fried bread is not an option! A simple fried breakfast would be bacon or sausage sandwiches. Prepare bread rolls or sliced bread, and fill them will freshly fried bacon or sausages.

A quick evening meal that can be fried with ease is an omelet. Add some left over bacon to your egg mix, or add whatever takes your fancy. The trick when frying food whilst camping is to make as little mess as possible; as having to wash up at the site sinks is not a whole load of fun.

Boiling Food

If you hate tinned food but are a fan of pasta, then cooking pasta on a camping stove is easy and quick. Choose a pasta sauce to go with your pasta and when your pasta is almost cooked, drain away the water and add the sauce. Keep stirring to heat up the sauce and to prevent sticking. This method will ensure your pasta doesn’t go cold while you are waiting for your sauce to heat up.

Boil in the bag foods are another option that is easy and virtually mess-free. Your local supermarket will stock a variety of boil in the bag foods as well as other simple meals you can make with boiling water such as noodles.

Your campsite supermarket, if there is one, will be stocked with food that is easy to cook in a stove. Try making ham and cheese toasties by making a sandwich with the butter on the outside and frying each side for a minute or two.

Unless you are going to pack the boot of your car with everything except the kitchen sink, you will also be limited as to what you have to cook with. As you only have one ring, then you will not need lots of pots and pans. One saucepan and one frying pan should be enough, and a kettle if you are a lover of hot drinks whilst camping.

Remember that camping trips are supposed to be fun. They are not a time for counting calories or worrying about breaking your diet. Treat yourself to a fried breakfast and toast some marshmallows by the fire. The amount of exercise you will do whilst camping will help you burn off calories. You may even find that you lose weight.

For the best outdoor gas stove, shop online from a reputable retailer. Also ensure that you have the correct gas canisters to fit your stove and that you always carry a spare. Always be careful cooking with gas, in the same way you are at home. Find a flat surface for your stove, and never leave it unattended or in reach of small kids.

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