Outdoor Camping Gear for Weekends Away

Outdoor camping gear is a great investment. On a hot weekend you can grab your tent and gear and head for a campsite with the kids. Children nowadays spend too much time cooped up indoors playing with consoles. They should be encouraged to go out more and enjoy the sunshine. What better way than proposing a camping weekend.

If you don’t own a tent or rucksack, you are not alone. You don’t need to be a camping and hiking enthusiast to enjoy a weekend away with the kids. For smaller kids, you can even set up camp in the back garden. Kids love to play with tents, hence the invention of the indoor play tent. So, what do you need for your weekend away? Read on to find out more.

Outdoor Camping Gear for Official Campsites

If you are heading for an official campsite, then there will be facilities onsite. This can be helpful if you don’t have a stove, or don’t know how to cook with one. Modern campsites will provide you with a shop, possibly a snack bar, and hot showers and modern loos. The perfect introduction to camping for those who have never slept under the stars is an official campsite. All you will need is a tent, sleeping bags, and sleeping mats. If you children have never slept on the floor before, take their own pillows with you so that they are comfortable.

outdoor camping gear

If you don’t have a rucksack, then just use the boot of your car. Pack fresh clothes, a simple first aid kit with plasters and aspirin, and plenty of sunscreen. If your kids are fussy eaters, take their favourite snacks with you. If you want to save money then take a cool box with sandwiches and other prepared food with you. There is nothing to say you need to cook round an open fire. But it is fun!

Outdoor Camping Gear : Heading into the Wild

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, then head for some local woods or out into the wild. Check to see if camping is allowed, and also check the safety of the area.  Camping is permitted in many areas. Lighting an open fire however may well be prohibited. Wild camping is legal in Scotland; so to be safe, head over the border to find the perfect spot.

If you are going camping to a place without facilities, then you will need to make sure you take everything you need. Do not take tins of food but no tin opener and don’t take a camping stove with you that has no gas left. Ensure you have plenty of changes of clothes, and that you take mosquito repellent. Ensure you have a full first aid kit with you, and torch lights. Ensure you have something with you to set off a distress signal. Camping in the wild is fun, but it is not for beginners and really is not suitable for young children. If you have toddlers or young kids, then pitching your tent in your back garden will be far less stressful!

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