Camping Equipment Bundles : Tent Packages

Camping equipment bundles can save you time and money when shopping online for your next trip. Tent packages include everything you need for your camping, allowing you to pay less for everything you need. When shopping for camping equipment, tent packages will include carpet, groundsheet, and much more besides.

Camping Equipment Bundles : For Family Fun

When it comes to traditional family camping fun, tent packages are a bit like package holidays. Everything you need is included in the price. Depending on what you need, you can also add extras to your bundle. Different packages include different items, and will differ depending on the size tent you buy.

A basic package will include your tent, carpet, and groundsheet. If you have purchased a tent in the past and realised when it arrived it didn’t include the groundsheet, you are not alone! But, asides these basic essentials, you can add more to your bundle, keeping the overall price down. For a four man tent, you could include 4 sleeping bags and 4 roll out mattresses in your bundle.

Like package holidays, you can opt for the basic package, or a luxury package. A luxury package will include all inclusive at the bar, a basic package will only include water and soft drinks with your meal. Camping bundles are a way to cut back on spending for your next family camping trip, whilst ensuring you buy only quality products.

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Camping Equipment Bundles : Camping Accessories

As well as tent packages, you can also buy camping accessories in bundles. You may like to buy a kitchen kit for your trip. This could include camping cutlery, plates and bowls, and a camping stove with a pot and frying pan. You can also buy all your first aid kit as one bundle, ensuring you don’t miss any vitals elements off your list.

Camping gear bundles will include everything you need for a night under the stars. A camping gear bundle will include an all-purpose knife, string, something to start a fire with, a compass, water carriers, and more. Flexible camping gear bundles can save you a lot of money. When you buy online from a reputable store, you can also be assured that all items within your camping gear bundle are brand names.

Family camping should be fun, and it shouldn’t cost the earth. If you are new to camping, then you may be unsure of what to buy. There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination and realizing you are missing an essential piece of kit. Some camping bundles are geared towards family camping, others to sole campers.

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