Camping and Hiking Gear for Wilderness Trekking

Camping and hiking gear for wilderness trekking is a lot different from what you would take on a family camping trip. If you have always dreamed of wilderness camping and sleeping under the stars, read on. This blog will tell you what you need to take and what you can leave behind, starting with a tent. For the ultimate wilderness experience, you won’t even need a tent. So, if you want to literally sleep under the stars, what do you need to take?

Wilderness Camping and Hiking Gear Essentials

As we have already mentioned, if you really want a wilderness experience, you will not be taking a tent. But, just what should you use to protect yourself from the elements if it starts to get cold and rain. One vital piece of kit will be a sleeping bag. Your bad should be lightweight yet protect you from the cold. For the best choice of sleeping bags, look here. You will find a wide variety in all different shapes and sizes and tog weights. The bag you choose will depend on the season you will be traveling. But remember, with altitude comes a drop in temperature. So, even if it is warm when you set off, if you are planning to climb high into the mountains, it will get cold at night.

camping and hiking gear

One problem wilderness campers experience in bad weather is hypothermia. So, asides a sleeping bag, take a special thermal blanket. These can be wrapped around you if you get lost or have to abandon your trail due to adverse weather conditions such as fog. All your clothing should also be waterproof. Wilderness camping and hiking gear should also have reflective strips on it. If you get lost and send out a distress signal, reflective gear and a flashlight will ensure you get found easier.

Where to Sleep

There are a few options on where to sleep when you go out into the wilderness. You may not plan to stay overnight, but you need to go prepared. Part of the whole wilderness camping experience is finding somewhere to stay of constructing your very own shelter. Caves are an excellent place to sleep where you can light a fire. But, you will obviously not always find a handy cave. If you are totally new to the area where you are going trekking, ensure you have the essential you need to build a shelter. These include a good quality knife and some string.

When choosing from camping and hiking gear for your trip, don’t cut corners. Choose good quality boots and clothes and always make sure that you have fire starters with you. A fire can keep you warm at night when the temperature drops, and it can also provide a source of heat for cooking. Keeping the weight you are carrying down is essential for your trip. If you are feeling adventurous, try setting up a snare and catching your supper.

These are just a few tips for your wilderness trip. If you are a first timer, always make sure you take a phone with GPS. Although you may not always be in range and with a signal, a mobile phone can be a lifeline. So, also take with you an external battery charger for your phone, torch, or other electrical equipment you are taking with you.

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