Best Bike Trails UK : The Top 6 Routes For Cyclists

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’re in the right country: The best bike trails UK offer a range of different difficulty levels and a variety of scenic attractions. Whether you prefer the rugged, chilly terrain of Scotland or the rolling golden countryside of the Southwest, there’s a cycling trail for you.

The 6 Best Bike Trails UK

While it’s difficult to narrow down the UK’s many excellent bike trails into a short list of favourites, these six trails have earned rave reviews from cyclists of all stripes:

1. North Sea Cycle Route, Scotland

The North Sea Cycle Route is without a doubt among the best bike trails UK; not only does it take cyclists through the unspoiled natural beauty of Scotland, this 3,750-mile journey has been described as an “odyssey” which can test the endurance of even the most experienced cyclist. If you want to take your cycling to the next level, the North Sea Cycle Route is the place to do it.

2. East Anglia

The Fakenham to Harwich Cycle Route, while long (measuring in at 163 miles in length), is renowned for being one of the most pleasant routes to cycle in the UK thanks to its even, flat pathway. The smoothness of the trail will allow you to forget that you’re cycling at all, leaving you free to enjoy the rustic villages, cathedrals, estates, and rolling green countryside of idyllic East Anglia.

best bike trails UK

3. Hadrian’s Cycleway, Cumbria

This lengthy trail, which (true to its name) runs along Hadrian’s wall, offers both historic and scenic value, taking cyclists through some of the UK’s most rural areas. You will also be able to enjoy the towns of Carlisle, Haltwhistle, and Whitehaven along the way.

4. Tweed Cycleway, Scottish Borders

This lovely trail is known for its relative peace and tranquillity; passing through the heart of the splendid Border country, it makes smart use of quiet roads as it winds through hills, forests, and sleepy little towns. You’ll also have easy access to the train at both the trail’s beginning and ending points. If you’re looking for an easy, quiet day out cycling, the Tweed Cycleway is sure to be just the hidden gem you’re seeking.

5. South Somerset

If you’re hoping for the same sort of peace you will find along the Tweed Cycleway at a more southerly latitude, the unromantically named “80 Mile Cycle Route” is sure to surprise you with the quality of its scenic offerings. You will want to slow down and take your time as you pass through the many South Somerset villages along this route, and perhaps pause to listen to the songs of birds and insects before stopping for an evening meal and a well-deserved rest.

6. West Country Way

If you are a fan of the Southwest, you owe it to yourself to spend a week cycling this 252-mile route, which extends all the way from Padstow to Bristol and Bath. Take in the Bodmin Moor, Exmoor, and a range of other countryside delights as you explore the mellow, sun-kissed southern tip of the UK.

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