Guide to Wales : For New and Returning Visitors

Wales is only small, yet has so much to offer. Just 50 miles wide and 160 miles from north to south, wales is half the size of the Netherlands. This guide to Wales is designed for new and returning visitors to Wales. Even if you have visited many times before, you may have missed a lot of what there is on offer.

Most of Wales’ inhabitants live in the South, Cardiff being rather atypical of the rest of the country.  Most of the National institutions are based in the Southern quarter as is the National Assembly. Cardiff Bay is also undergoing massive regeneration, making it a far more attractive location for visitors and not just for residents.

Guide to Wales : Cardiff City

Cardiff may not be on your agenda if you are visiting for rambling and outdoor activities, but the city has a lot to offer. Cardiff is home to the National Museum and the St Fagans Museum. These museums will give you an excellent insight into the history and character of Wales. The Millennium Stadium is another focal point for visitors.

Asides Cardiff, there are really only two sizeable towns in Wales, Newport and Swansea. All three of Wales cities were firstly ports, used to export coal from the valleys. Fierce industrial communities were the backbone of Wales, the fall of the mining industry seeing the demise of many of Wales’ smaller towns.

guide to Wales

The main appeal in Wales however lies outside Cardiff and the main towns. Castles are spread all around the countryside, as well as fortresses dating back to the 13th century being found in Conwy, Beaumaris, Caernarfon, and Harlech. Fortified residences and stately homes are also commonplace. Castles were generally constructed in more isolated areas, now deserted and occupying rocky knolls. Stone circles represent a link to Roman times in Wales, showing that the history of Wales head far back in time.

Guide to Wales : Countryside Gallore

Whether you are interested in forts and castles or not, one thing you cannot fail to see in Wales is the vast and beautiful countryside that enhances your surroundings. Perfect for hiking, camping, and outdoor activities, many people head over the border from England for peace and tranquility and a taste of the outdoor life.  The soaring peak of Snowdonia is certainly not for the feint-hearted, or the angular ridges of the Brecon Beacons.

Wales boasts a 3rd National Park that follows the Pembrokeshire Coast. Golden sands and splendid beaches are another attraction, many families from England caravanning on the Welsh coast. An 860 mile coastal path awaits all walking and trekking enthusiasts.  

Wales is an excellent destination for a short break or for a family-orientated holiday. It is also perfect for trekking, historians, and watersport enthusiasts. Wales may only be small, but it has something for everyone. Visit the Millennium Stadium, or head to the hills and the valleys where you will come across little more than vast acres of farmland, sheep, and wild animals.  


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