disaster survival skills

Disaster Survival Skills: What You Need To Know

You never know when or where you will need disaster survival skills: You might be miles from home on an outdoor adventure when something goes wrong and you find yourself lost or trapped; you might be resting comfortably at home when a natural disaster strikes and you are suddenly without access to basic amenities. One […]

best surfing spots Europe

Best Surfing Spots Europe: Top Locations For Beginners

If you’re looking for the best surfing spots Europe has a lot to offer, particularly if you are just starting out with surfing. Europe contains many beaches which are far more beginner-friendly than the famous hotspots in Hawaii or Bali. Though tropical beaches do often boast the largest swells, Europe has something else: Tranquillity and […]

walking routes north wales

Walking Routes North Wales : 4 Easy Walks For The Whole Family

If you’re planning on exploring walking routes ┬áNorth Wales with your family, it’s a good idea to choose your paths carefully: As beautiful as North Wales is, it’s a rugged area with many challenging trails unsuitable for children or the elderly. Fortunately, the following four walking routes ┬áNorth Wales provide walkers with all the scenic […]

top hikes in Europe

Top Hikes in Europe : The 7 Best Hiking Locations

If you’re looking for the top hikes in Europe, you’re in luck: Europe is considered to be the ideal continent for hikers thanks to its mix of stunning scenery and modern amenities. Europe also contains a mind-boggling diversity of biomes; from the arctic fjords of Scandinavia to the vast temperate forests of Germany and the […]

best bike trails UK

Best Bike Trails UK : The Top 6 Routes For Cyclists

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’re in the right country: The best bike trails UK offer a range of different difficulty levels and a variety of scenic attractions. Whether you prefer the rugged, chilly terrain of Scotland or the rolling golden countryside of the Southwest, there’s a cycling trail for you. The 6 Best Bike […]