outdoor clothing and equipment

Outdoor Clothing and Equipment for Summer Hiking

Much outdoor clothing and equipment can be used all year round. There are though some extras that you should add to your kit for the summer. You may think that because you don0t need to pack as many clothes, your rucksack will be lighter. Not necessarily. Read on to find out about what you need […]

hiking clothes for women

Hiking Clothes for Women that Move and Breathe with You

Hiking clothes for women nowadays are far superior to what they were a few decades ago. Nowadays it is possible to look good when you go hiking, and more importantly at a price you can afford to pay. The best stockists for women’s hiking clothing are find online; here you will also find the most […]

best mountain hiking gear

Best Mountain Hiking Gear : Why Buy Brand Names

When in search of the best mountain hiking gear for your next adventure, it is important to think about quality rather than price. One area where you cannot afford to scrimp and save is where your safety is concerned. Imagine investing in a tent that claims to be easy to erect and waterproof, but when […]

hiking the alps

Hiking the Alps : What Time of Year to Go

Hiking the Alps is something many dream of and many are yet to do. The Alps are a hiker’s haven.  So, if you are thinking of organising a trip to the Alps, read on to find out when the best time of year is to go. Depending on the season you choose, the outdoor gear […]

outdoor kids

Outdoor Kids : Kitting your Children out for Summer Fun

Outdoor kids are the dream of many nowadays. With so many children spending their spare time indoors with a console it can be difficult to encourage them to get some sunshine. Unfortunately kids needs to be watched more than decades ago. Letting your child go to the park alone can be dangerous. So, when the […]

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