outdoor walking

Outdoor Walking : How to Motivate your Kids to Participate

Outdoor walking is a fun activity that is cost-free and perfect for the whole family, pets included. But, with kids now preferring to be glued to a games console, it can be hard to persuade your children to join in. The older they get, the harder it will be. There is nothing worse than dragging […]

tents and camping equipment

Tents and Camping Equipment for Teens

Tents and camping equipment are a great investment for the family. When you buy quality equipment it will last you not just years but decades. But what happens when your teenager announces that he wants to go on a camping trip alone, without mum and dad. That he wants to go on a camping trip […]

hiking resorts

Hiking Resorts Around the UK : Some of the Best

There are so many hiking resorts around the UK to choose from that you will be spoiled for choice. Below is a look at some of the best and some of the most well-known areas for hiking. From the Highlands of Scotland to the tip of Cornwall, there is a hiking spot in the UK […]

backpacking supplies

Backpacking Supplies for Hikes in the Summertime

If you are planning a hike around our breathtaking countryside this summer it is important that you pack smart and remember the must-haves for safety, comfort and basic survival. Imagine that you cut yourself and have no bandages amongst your backpacking supplies, or your socks and shoes get wet, you have no spares and end […]

top tend surf spots

Top Ten Surf Spots Around the Globe

Surfing is a surface water sport which the wave rider or surfer rides a wave either on a board or body surfing that inevitably carries them to the shore. Below is a look at the top ten surf spots around the globe. Some for beginners, and some for more confident and advanced individuals. SUPERBANK, GOLD […]